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What is Iowa Automotive Reyclers?
Why Should You Join
What Does IAR Do?
In Numbers There Is Strength
Code Of Ethics

What is Iowa Automotive Recyclers?
      IAR is a non-profit organization of persons, firms, or corporations who are involved in the recovery and sale of used parts of motor vehicles,or those who support or are engaged in the selling of parts, equipment, supplies, or services to the dismantling industry.

Why Should You Join?
     Regular newletters keep members up to date on industry new and usable ideas for all members.

Iowa Who's Who in Salvage Directory
      A listing of all members, which is distributed to members, insurance adjustors, body shops and mechanical shops, and state legislators.

Annual Meeting
      IAR members and their families meet each fall every year to choose future leadership in the organization, attend educational sessions, exchange ideas and become better aquainted and have fun.

Legislative Representation
      IAR retains a lobbyist who monitors the state legislature for actions which affect IAR members.

Membership Plaque
      All IAR members are provided with a plaque denoting membership in IAR, for display in their place of business.

Improved Public Awareness and Respect
      By working together, IAR members promote awareness of the advantages of recycling.

An Affiliate of the Automotive Recyclers Association
      IAR is an affiliate of the international Automotive Recyclers Association and receives information which is passed on to IAR members.

Board Meetings
      The Board of Directors meet at least quarterly to deal with issues affecting the association

What Does IAR Do?
      IAR protects your interests, enhances your image, informs and educates, and provides the opportunity to meet others in the dismantling field with whom you share common interests and goals. Through the thinking and action of its members, the Iowa Automotive Recyclers works to build and maintain the image of automotive recyclers and dismantlers in the state. IAR supports the free enterprise system, encourages equal opportunity for all citizens, works for responsible government and promotes the benefit of the industry.

      IAR enables members to get involved and accomplish collectively what none of them could do individually. Its strength lies in attracting the greatest number of individuals and firms into membership, thereby creating a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energies, and finances.

In Numbers There is Strength
      IAR membership means fellowship with other automotive dismantlers and recyclers. It means exchanging ideas and promoting common action. In addition, through membership in one state trade association, automotive recyclers have strong representation before government agencies, consumers, and the larger automotive industry. Membership is open to those engaged in automotive recycling and/or dismantling in the state of Iowa. Associate members are suppliers to the industry.

Code of Ethics
1. To promote goodwill by maintaining fair business practices and the very highest standards possible in the sale of all parts.

2. To sell high quality parts, recognizing a fair price structure, free of deceptive practices and misrepresentation.

3. To work toward customer satisfaction thourhg parts guarantees whenever possible, and when necessary, make reasonable adjustments.

4. To give courteous and fair treatment to all customers, answer all questions and make every effort to satisfy any reasonable complaint.

5. To cooperate with law enforcement authorities to help curb theft of both autos and parts.

6. To make every effort to work toward clean and orderly working conditions and attractive business locations.

7. To advertise our products honestly, avoiding false, misleading and deceptive statements, in order to maintain goodwill and good faith in our industry.

8. To make every effort for customers in finding the parts they need through parts locating services.

9. To support the policies and regulations of the Iowa Automotive Recyclers, and to abide by the standard trade practices of the Automotive Recyclers Association.